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PeaceAndLongLife.com is Tom Swiss's blog about healthful, sustainable, and compassionate living, covering such topics as veganism and plant-based nutrition in general, exercise, complementary medicine (with a gimlet eye on the merchants of woo), health and medical news (with another gimlet eye on a medical profession that claims the imprimatur of science without the actual evidence), animal rights, environmentalism, and related topics.

Tom brings thirty years experience with a vegan diet, thirty-four years as a student and instructor of the martial arts, and his knowledge as a nationally certified Asian Bodywork Therapist and Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist, to his discussions of health and wellness.
What profits a man if he gains his health but loses the planet?
Peace begins with compassion; and compassion cannot be cultivated piecemeal, it must flow to every sentient being. As Dachau survivor Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz wrote, "I think that men will be killed and tortured as long as animals are killed and tortured. So long there will be wars too. Because killing must be trained and perfected on smaller objects, morally and technically."

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(The phrase "Peace and Long Life" originates from, or at least was inspired by, Star Trek; it is a Vulcan way of saying "Farewell", and the response is the more famous (and trademarked!) "Live Long and Prosper". While we tip our hat at Trek and the mythology of Vulcans that it has given us, this is not a Star Trek site, and we claim no endorsement from Gene Roddenberry, Paramount, or CBS. If you're looking for Trek try StarTrek.com or the excellent fan site Memory Alpha.)