BBC: Carbon monoxide's damaging role in heart rhythm found Tom Swiss Thu, 08/09/2012 - 11:48

The BBC reports on a study showing that low levels of carbon monoxide, in the range encountered from vehicle traffic, can cause cardiac arrhythmia:

Carbon monoxide is produced by faulty boilers, cigarettes and car exhausts.

It is deadly at high levels as it "shoulder-barges" oxygen out of the blood, meaning less is transported around the body. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills more than 50 people in the UK each year and many more around the world.

FDA bans BPA in baby bottles and kid's cups Tom Swiss Thu, 07/19/2012 - 01:16

I first blogged about bisphenol A back in 2006 over at unreasonable.org. I've followed the saga of this ubiquitous endocrine-disrupting chemical, which has been linked to a host of problems including breast cancer,obesity and insulin resistance, miscarriage, prostate enlargement, and early sexual maturation, for several years now.

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